Supps for London to Paris Bike Ride?

I am doing a four day bike ride for Charity from London to Paris in July.

I’ll be on the bike from early in the morning to late in the afternoon. Covering about 100 miles or so a day.

What kind of protocol would you recommend. There is a lunch stop a long the way as well as two or three drink stops. My plan was to pre-load with Plazma and then have two doses with me on my bike and carry the powder with me to refill at the drink stops. Then when the days ride was finished to pulse with MAG-10.

My question is what else should I have. I have Indigo and I plan on getting some Finibars but I’m not sure how best to use them throughout the days if I’m going to be constantly drinking Plazma.

Also during the day should I avoid eating lunch and just stick to servings of Plazma. When I did this bike ride last time I had a completely chaotic eating system. I just downed cinnamon buns pasta bread whatever I could get that was easy to eat and fast…I don’t think it was quite optimal haha.

Tim Patterson recently created a plan for an extreme endurance athlete (trail runner, about an 8 hour event). I’ll post it below. I’d use this as a basic template and adjust it to fit the needs. My suggestion would be to follow the pre- and post-race guidelines to a T, then adjust the during-race intake for your sport and the parameters of your specific ride (rest stops, heat levels, what you can carry on your bike etc.)

Plazma™ Protocol for Event
30 Min Prior to Event Finibar™ (2 bars), Indigo-3G® (6 capsules)
15 Min Prior to Event Plazma™ dose (600 ml)
During Event Plazma™ dose (600 ml) every 30 minutes
30 Min Post Event Mag-10® pulse (500 ml)
2 Hours Post Event Mag-10® pulse (500 ml)
Bedtime Mag-10® pulse (500 ml)
Plazma™ Formula Batching
Plazma™ 195 g
Water 1,800 ml Fill Level
Serving Size 600 ml (~20 fl oz)
Servings Made 3
Mixing Instructions

<font size=“3"font color=”#8888888">1. Pour 1,000 ml of cold water into a 2,000 ml Nalgene® bottle.

  1. Pour 195 g of the Plazma™ formula into the cold water, secure the cap on the bottle, and shake vigorously for about 20 seconds, or until thoroughly mixed. If done correctly, the shaking will foam the contents of the bottle.

  2. While the mixture is still foamed, pour in 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Biotest®t Intensified Liquid Flavoring and gently swirl the contents until thoroughly mixed. Allow the flavored mixture to clear the foam and form a semi-transparent liquid. The foam should clear within 60 seconds.

  3. Add enough cold water to increase the fill volume to 1,800 ml and gently swirl the contents to mix thoroughly.

Thanks a lot Chris this exactly what I need really appreciate it. One question should the Plazma be sipped for one serving every 30 minutes or taken in total. I’m assuming you’d sip it but I just wanted to make sure.

For pre-loading, down it all at once. You need to “get it in you” fast and load up. For during the event, use your judgement. If you’re thirsty and starting to drag, chug one.

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