Support for Hiking Climb


I’ll be hiking my first fourteener this weekend. Due to the nature of the route, difficulty, etc., we anticipate approximately seven hours of continuous exertion. In addition to food, and probably a Finibar or two, would you recommend Plazma or MAG-10 for liquid support? We’ll be starting early, so effectively fasted, and although I may regret this I’ll still be squatting 24 hours prior, per my Training split.


Having done it a few times, SWF and Finibars. Plazma us great, but found it overkill. MAG-10 when you get home.

4 SWF is what I recommend. We had water stops on the way, so empty bottles was a God send.

Do yourself a favour and eat a Finibars before leaving.

Thanks JFG. I don’t keep any SWF around the house but I do have Plazma. Sounds like it’ll do in a pinch.

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