Michael asks:

I’m 18 and looking for the right supplements to lose belly fat while getting bigger, preferably in the arms.

I will be somewhat on a cutting diet but be getting around 1.5-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, so my diet will be solid. Any suggestions?

Also how many supplements are safe to stack? Money isn’t a problem. I’m also definitely getting Micro-PA. And wouldn’t it allow me to train my body parts more often to get better gains?

[quote]T NATION wrote:
Michael asks:

I’m 18 and looking for the right supplements to lose belly fat while getting bigger, preferably in the arms.[/quote]
Hey Michael, not trying to tell you what your goals should be, but the best results will happen if you don’t focus just on building your arms. Building a base of total body strength and muscle will go much farther in getting you towards your goals. Lots of well-designed programs on the site can help with that.

On that note, setting more specific goals would be a good idea. “Lose fat and get bigger” is pretty vague and doesn’t really give a concrete target to shoot for.

Also, for reference, what’s your current height and weight?

There’s more to a solid diet than just eating a lot of protein. Total calories, carbs, and healthy fats are just as important, especially if you’re trying to drop bodyfat. This has some pretty basic guidelines for setting up a good plan:

It’s not a matter of how many, it’s more a matter of making sure their effects snowball on one another and are all aligned towards the same goal. So like, you could technically “stack” a half-dozen different supplements if they’re properly chosen, but it’s a matter of avoiding redundancy - not having several supplements that do that same thing and also not having supplements that counter-act each other (like a mass-builder shake “stacked” with a fat burner).

Micro-PA is great for building muscle, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with training frequency. It’s more related to how you train, for example, performing slower negatives and chasing the pump.

Training more frequently would have more to do with exercise choice, set/rep scheme, and especially workout nutrition to reduce DOMS and improve recovery.

Overall, it sounds like you’d do best to focus on building basic training and nutrition habits and keep the supplements to the minimum for the first few months. A simple workout drink like Plazma would be a start for lifting days, and Mag-10 on non-lifting days.

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