14sharky asks:

What do you recommend to build strength and endurance and I don’t want to build to much mass.


To a substantial extent, endurance can depend on having needed strength in the muscles involved in the exercise. When the workload pushes a muscle to too substantial a percentage of its maximal strength, the muscle tires faster. So for example, being 50% stronger in a given muscle can also give a tremendous boost to endurance, because it’s not having to work at as high a percentage of its maximum.

Additionally, the amount of oxygen needed for the work is also a function of how hard the workload is relative to the muscle’s strength. At higher percentages of maximal strength, energy is derived from greater and greater amounts of carb burning, which requires more oxygen than fat burning does. So for endurance work, weaker muscles create a higher oxygen demand, which can be the limit to performance. Strengthen the muscles, where the workload is a smaller percentage of the maximal strength, and the muscle works in fat-burning mode, which is more aerobically efficient. Your power output can be greater.

This isn’t to say that for all endurance work sports performance will be best by being actually huge, but many times mass increase in key muscles very much improves endurance performance.

You did already bring out the strength aspect, I added the above emphasis on strength because from the above standpoint, much improvement only comes also with some increase in mass. (When strength in a 1 repetition max is increased only by improved technique or neural activation, this doesn’t provide endurance benefit.)

While lengthy, all that is important to your goals: some increase in mass, in muscles important to your endurance work, is likely to increase your performance, possibly very much so.

For supplementation, I’d recommend Carbolin 19 for achieving the increased performance and also improvement in strength training results.


[quote]T NATION wrote:
14sharky asks:What do you recommend to build strength and endurance and I don’t want to build to much mass.[/quote]
Building strength and endurance without adding mass/size will actually have more to do with your particular training and nutrition than your supplements. Weight class athletes (fighters, powerlifters, etc.) who need to build strength without adding size still use workout nutrition like Plazma and Mag-10, but more carefully monitor their total daily calories and use appropriate training plans.

So I’d suggest something Plazma and/or Mag-10 as a starting point.

The Mag-10, in particular, can be super-useful when it comes to getting enough muscle-building nutrition without taking in too many calories. Because of how your body breaks down and absorbs the special protein/amino blend, 20g of Mag-10 protein is supposed to be comparable to something like 100g of other protein, so that’s obviously going to come in handy when calories need to be monitored.

Other than those workout basics, if you’re currently carrying some fat that you’d be better off without (and most weight class athletes perform better when on the leaner side, anyway) something like Indigo-3G could be useful.

That would help you clean up your overall diet and improve body composition without having to necessarily go on a “fat loss diet/training plan”, so you could keep training generally for your sport.