Swen asks:

I have bought the Elite Pro mineral supplement once before and am about to reorder the product. I am considering additional supplements, but I have the feeling that the supplements you sell are for ‘big guys’ who are in their prime. I’ve reached an age where I’m forced to ‘cool down’ or I’m going to hurt/damage myself physically. I’m now not out to impress anyone, I just want to keep myself OK. Anyway, I can’t find the supplement Vitamin E on your site and am wondering if something as simple as this is not sold by you. Please advise if you do sell ‘basic’ supplements, as well as the complex type.


It’s true, there is no Vitamin E supplement on the site. While it’s easily possible to do far better than most do with Vitamin E, it’s still simple enough to do an optimal job with it that and so there are any number of quality Vitamin E products already on the market.

What you want to look for there is focus on mixed tocopherols, no large amount of alpha tocopherol (certainly not over 400 IU per day, and not that much is needed) and no synthetic d,l-alpha tocopherol. The latter is sure proof of a cheaply made, poor quality supplement.

The focus here is on specialized products. For basic vitamins, there are several good suppliers elsewhere. If we did do something in that area I think (personal opinion only!) it would have to be from it being remarkable for the combination of top quality materials rather than simply having top quality materials in single-item form.

There’s also not a tremendous focus here in importance of added vitamins: From measurable parameters and practical experience, good choice of foods does well for people. I’m not saying there’s no place for a multivitamin, but it’s not key if food nutrition is good. That said, it’s not unusual for intake of K and tocopherols to be low, and for D to need supplementation.

I really wouldn’t say that Biotest supplements are at all specifically for big guys in their prime. They’re absolutely also of advantage to younger guys trying to build towards their peak, older guys maintaining their condition, and older guys wanting to improve from where they are now – sometimes as a matter of having lost quite a bit from their best and wanting to get as much back as possible, or sometimes never having trained seriously and now reaching new bests.