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Francolaboy asks:

I’m a 46 yr old retired military who is trying to get back into shape. I’ve been back on the workout world trying to gain back some of my fitness well being. I would like to try out your supplement brand. Would like to know what you would recommend as far as a full day of supplementation from you guys. I, somewhat, dialed in my diet. Eat around 3000 calories a day. Since January I’ve lost a total of 23 lbs. And my goal is to go from 267, which was my original weight start, now I’m at 244’ish. Would like more muscle gain but at the same time keep losing fat. Thank you and have a great one.

Sounds like you’re getting back on track, great to hear. Start with the basics: A good training program, good diet, and effective workout nutrition.

You may also consider checking out the Over-35 Lifter forum . Plenty of those guys have experience you might relate to and may be able to give you more tips to help figure out a plan of attack.

Nutrition is obviously a huge factor. This plan is a good step by step approach to put together a simple fat loss diet.

With the workout nutrition, having the right kind of protein and carbs around your workouts can improve performance, help recovery, and boost progress. Plazma is the top of the line in that regard.

Something you could definitely consider adding soon, is Indigo-3G. It’s not a fat burner or thermogenic like Hot-Rox, but it can help improve your insulin sensitivity (basically teaching your body how to process carbs efficiently).

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Mod Starr laid out some solid info to start with for sure. That step-by-step plan in the link is an awesome way to get your diet in order.

I’d also consider a Flameout for a high-potency fish oil that works as a natural anti-inflammatory and overall health benefits.

Plazma is definitely the best place to start for pretty much any lifter, to optimize performance in the gym and boost recovery between sessions. Metabolic Drive is a great low-carb protein to have between meals or instead of a meal, so it’s a simple way to cut daily calories, stay full, and nudge fat loss in the right direction.

I’d also suggest checking this article that explains some more ways you can fine-tune your training, nutrition, and supplements:

What does your training and nutrition plan look like?

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