Supplements to Avoid with Indigo-3G & What to Take to Enhance

So I am going to start a new routine and I want to try Biotest supplements mainly indigo-3g… I like to take other supplements to fill in any gaps I have in diet or may need that can’t get from diet.

My main question deals with interactions of indigo-3g and other supplements are there any to avoid completely and certain ones to avoid within 4, 6, or 12 hrs, and are there any that would help indigo-3g do its job? My workout routine will be a 6 day split with am cardio pm heavy lifts… roughly 11 am and 11pm as I work second shift… also I’ve been wanting to try a 4 hr eating window in am and 4 hr window at night to help with insulin sensitivity would this be wise on indigo (so basically eat in 8 hrs of day with basically 8 hrs not eating and nothing while sleep, although I do usee extended release proteins have an 8hr and 12 hr) any an all info can give is appreciated and if can provide source and the study done greatly appreciated…

if need to know more as in age height weight what eating lifestyle or what not feel free to ask… I’m trying to bulk up over next two months as much as possible without gaining fat… lean muscle mass I don’t want to do bulk cycle the cut cycle then bulk then cut style as I feel it wastes some gains… thanks in advance.

Quality protein and carb-based workout nutrition, first and foremost.

Other than that, not really supplements, just a decent relatively carb-rich whole food diet. Trying to go low carb while taking Indigo is severely limiting the potential upside because Indigo acts as a nutrient partitioner, so it needs the right nutrients to work with. So if you do the two 4-hour window approach, at least make sure you’re still getting quality carbs, protein, and healthy fats each day.

[quote=“Rentsik, post:1, topic:6376”]
if need to know more as in age height weight what eating lifestyle or what not feel free to ask… [/quote]
Okee doke. What’s your height, current weight, and general fat level?

Why only two months? That’s not really a ton of time to put on major size.

Well I was thinking of taking indigo-3g 45 mins prior to working out and taking pre-workout drink as far as like creatine, beta alanine and what not but I like taking a beet juice powder supplement as well… could that affect indigo? Also I like to take either right at post workout or an hour after to take tart cherry concentrate as I feel helps inflammation and joints after a hard workout… also I had been taking digestive enzymes to help breakdown my meals would this possible affect indigo should I avoid taking that with my workout nutrition or post workout nutrition?

I was thinking I’d have roughly 80- 120 grams of carbs within 3 hrs of taking indigo and 80 grams of protein, as far as fats not sure wht would be haven’t added that up recently but I aim for 70% ish of poly or mono unsaturated fats and 30% saturated to help test production and try to avoid Trans at all costs. I try to eat organic non-gmo, clean foods at all times… also I know how important each nutrient is fat protein and carbs I am a big believer that cutting out one of those groups is a horrible idea…

I am 24 male, 6ft2, 190 lbs last I checked, bf I have honestly not checked in a long time I’d say between 14-18% if had to guess right now…

And I said bulk over next 2 months as in 2 months to try the new routine and wht not and see if want to continue or switch it up… in all honesty I want to bulk over next year or more while keeping body fat down or loosing as well… but 2 months to try this routine see how I feel on it how body responds and what not.

As per the label, you want to take Indigo a half-hour before workout nutrition, not a half-hour before the workout itself. So, if you’re having a pre-workout drink, say, 15 minutes before training, try taking the Indigo a half-hour before you plan on having that drink.

The beet juice powder, I’m not sure of. I know some people like it for “NO2-type” effects, but it seems like beetroot also has some strong antioxidant properties (which you shouldn’t be having right before or right after training anyhow), so I’d probably drop it to be safe.

You don’t want to suppress inflammation post-workout. This article explains why. If you have joint issues, address them (with supplements, diet, and/or mobility work) some other time of day.

That should be fine.

That’s exactly my plan its a rough draft right now basically, and as far as plan I’m referring to my nutrition and supplements. Since I work second and its super hard for me to come home and go straight to bed and I feel like I can lift heavier at night then in morning maybe just my mind set that effects it.

But I would workout roughly 11:15 as a start time so I was thinking of the following:
10:15-10:30 take indido
10:45- 11:00 ish take a pre workout (as far as creatine, beta alanine and such) as well as a finibar
11:15 - Workout and take a dose of plazma during
Hopefully end around 12:15 since also doing am workouts as well ( am lifts are more pump lifts high rep and cardio to maintain endurance and what not)
Immediately post workout take a protein shake (not biotest have some other protein still need to use up)
12:45 have a balanced meal
1:15 a dose of mag-10
1:45 am ish (have an extended release protein 12 hours that id take here with a serving of cottage cheese)

Does this sound like a solid plan in your opinion or Should I possibly switch the mag-10 to immediately post workout? I just figured hour post workout since label says “POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY: To substantially kick start the recovery process consume one mag-10 dose one hour after training”

OK, but can I ask why is it that you shouldn’t have antioxidants close to training? Ive heard this but never looked into it and just doesn’t make sense to me.

As far as antioxidants and fruits how much fruit can I have in the am then? I love fruit and usually eat in first half of day and avoid fruit at night so that will be easy to refrain from it near indigo at all. And so basically just avoid antioxidants near indigo and there isn’t an antioxidant to completely avoid altogether or are all safe if I took a dose say in the am?

And I did not know all that about inflammation, thanks for the info. So have you heard of arachidonic acid? And if so would that be beneficial to add?

It can interfere with insulin sensitivity. Discussed in this article.

I think they’ve said eating whole fruit is fine, it’s more concentrated sources like green powders, Superfood, or whatever that you don’t want to have at the same time you pop the Indigo. A few hours apart should be fine. As for how much, whatever’s “appropriate” for your current diet.

That’s it in a nutshell, yep.

I’m not too familiar with it, but this article talks about it and how Omega 3s and 6s also play an anti-inflammatory role.

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