Supplements Recommended to Cut and Build Muscle?

Matt asks:

I have been a long time follower of T-Nation on FB. My wife and I already take your product Flameout®. I am currently looking to cut while building muscle. (I know everyone wants the same thing im sure) I was wondering if you could recommend 1-3 of your supplements that I could take. I CrossFit 3 times a week and weight train with the RP program the rest of the week. You guys have so many amazing products its hard to choose the right mix.

Workout nutrition is always the best place to start. This article explains the details why. Harder training sessions and improved recovery lead to better results.

Plazma is the best choice for that, and coach Christian Thibaudeau has discussed how he uses it with some of the CrossFit Games competitors he’s coached.

After that, creatine is something pretty much every athlete should be taking. This article talks more about the benefits.

If you wanted to add one more “something” to round out the stack, Indigo-3G will help your body manage carbs and improve insulin sensitivity, so you can fuel your training with good carbs and still work to drop fat, instead of having to go low carb which can work well for fat loss but often impairs training intensity/recovery.

Carbolin-19 would also be an excellent choice to add.

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