Supplements Not Available in South Africa


Hi Chris (et al),

I want to do the V-Diet but the supplements you list are not available in South Africa. I emailed company about shipping here, but they aren’t sure that it will pass customs since it is not a legally registered product in South Africa. I also have my doubts that they would pass customs given previous experience with shipping here. And even if it can be shipped here, the cost is incredibly prohibitive as shipping to SA is not cheap. :-/ Do you have any suggestions on other supplements I may be able to take? We have USN, M-tech, and a few others.

Thank you!!! I can’t wait to start the diet. No more cooking for a month…whoop whoop!


Sorry, the V-Diet doesn’t work very well if not using the supplements recommended. I’ve seen people fail, get sick, etc. dozens of times when they try to use other products.