Supplements for Spartan Race Training

I am currently looking to put together a supplement stack of Biotest products in order to better prepare me to complete the spartan trifecta next year and to cut up a bit as I am still a little soft after coming off of injury. A little background for those that don’t know what the trifecta is, its essentially completing the Spartan Sprint(3.5 Miles, Super(8 Miles), and Beast(12 Miles) in one year. My current training is as follows:

Here is a sample week for me:

Monday Evening:

  1. Squat 5/3/1
  2. Leg Extension 3x15
  3. Lying Leg Curl 3x15

Monday Morning:
2 Mile Run
ME Pullups/Pushups/Situps in 2 minutes for each(rest 2 min between)

Tuesday Evening

  1. Bench Press 5/3/1
  2. DB Bench Press 3x15
  3. Barbell Rows 3x15

Tuesday Morning:
Row 3K

Wednesday Morning
Ruck 90 Minutes at 55#
20 Rds of 5 Clapping Pushups and 5 Chinups

Thursday Evening

  1. Deadlift 5/3/1
  2. Good Morning 3x15
  3. Decline Reverse Crunches 3x Failure

Thursday Morning
Row 1200 Meters

Friday Evening

  1. Press 5/3/1
  2. Tricep Pushdown 3x15
  3. Barbell Curl 3x15

Friday Morning
16 x :15 hill sprint, :45 rest
Right into 15 min aerobic run

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Off

Mobility is done everyday for 20-40 minutes depending on the time.

My original idea was to supplement Surge Workout Fuel during my weight training sessions and use metabolic drive as a meal replacement due to my budget, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Those two would definitely fit your situation. If you could work some Mag-10 into the budget, that would be great instead of the Surge Workout Fuel for the shorter conditioning workouts like the Monday run and bodyweight work, Wednesday bodyweight stuff, Thursday rowing, and Friday sprints.

Mag-10 is also good during the day or last thing at night, not so much as a “meal replacement” (calorie-wise), but as recovery insurance with the “protein pulse” effect.

Depending on your diet, Indigo-3G could be a great addition for dropping fat and working your way up to a higher carb diet, which would help you perform at your best.

If your injury is joint or inflammation-related, consider Flameout and/or Curcumin. Lots of people, myself included, like that combo for simply feeling good and silencing creaking joints.

Also, on the training side, you might want to toss a post in Wendler’s 5/3/1 forum to get some feedback on your plan. I know you said the races are next year, but I don’t totally dig doing 3x15 for most of the assistance stuff. Probably better to use the weight training to build strength and muscle, and let the conditioning work build endurance. I’d also do some single-leg work on squat day, and pull-ups pretty much anytime/all the time.


Thank you for the input, before seeing this post I actually went and purchased Surge Workout Fuel for my AM Cardio and Plazma for my evening weight sessions. What do you think about this? In regards to the AM conditioning sessions I have decided to focus on expanding my mileage to better be able to complete these races so in conjunction with the wendlers 5/3/1 I will be using a 10K race program 4x per week for the next 8 weeks and then moving into a half marathon program after that, would surge work for this or is the mag-10 a better option? Also I will be posting my wendler’s routine in the 5/3/1 section but as far as the assistance work goes what would you recommend 3x10? Once again thank you in advance.

Solid plan. I think Christian Thibaudeau has used that type of plan for his CrossFit competitors - Plazma for lifting and SWF for metabolic work.

The SWF is perfect for longer cardio-type sessions.

If you post there, I’m sure you’ll get great replies. Just remember that 5/3/1 templates are all about balancing priorities. If you’re focusing on the cardio/conditioning, you won’t go all-out in the lifting. “Around 50 total reps” is one common general suggestion, and even though 3x15 gets you right around there, the lighter weight/higher rep stuff isn’t providing much benefit. Not something to get too wrapped up in overthinking, but something to consider. I’d stick with sets of 8-10ish, yep.


Thank you for all of the great advice. I just had one more question regarding dosing for SWF and Plazma. My plan is to take SWF when my runs go over 2 Miles and two take 2 doses of plazma pre and intra during my weigh training sessions. I have also added a short bodyweight conditioning circuit to the end of each weight session and have adjusted assistance exercises to 3x10. Does this dosing plan seem about right to you or should it be adjusted? Just want to make sure im getting the most out of the two and not wasting doses if their not needed.

Yep, two scoops is perfect for lifting. Either separately one before and one during, or two scoops together and just start it 15ish minutes before the session and nurse it throughout.

Things might be getting more complicated than they need to be. With any training, keep the goal the goal (to steal a Dan John line), so ask yourself if you need that conditioning after lifting on top of the separate cardio work.

Especially with something like 5/3/1, I believe Wendler prefers keeping the lifting for lifting and the conditioning work separately. He’d really be able to give you a better way to sort the program out.

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