Supplements for Skinny Type

Joel asks:

I am a 50 years old man - 5’7" tall and 144 pounds - skinny type. I really
want to gain some muscular mass - 10 to 15 pounds more. Is there is any
supplement in the market that would make it look like I workout?

Well if you don’t look like you workout you might also analyze your actual workout. While we all have our own genetics, with a proper lifting program and nutrition you should look like you are working out.

One thing you can do is make sure that your workout are optimized. My suggestion would be to optimize the period around your workout to give you the best results possible from your session.

To me this means PLAZMA at one serving about 30 minutes pre-workout, a second serving during the workout. Then MAG-10 15-30 minutes after the session and ideally a FINIBAR 30 minutes later.

This way you will maximize your body’s response to you training session.

Yep, like Thibaudeau said, first thing is to make sure your training is dialed in. Consider posting in the Over-35 Lifter forum to see how other guys in your age bracket are handling their training.

This is also a great article with tips to make sure older lifters have everything in order - training, nutrition, hormones, everything.

And x2 again what Thib was saying about Plazma and Mag-10. This article explains why workout nutrition is pretty much the best place to start.

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