Supplements For Muscle Mass

Wiktor asks:

Could you tell me if I can mix Tribex & REZ-V for better results? Or should I take only Tribex?

Also, do you have any other supplements for increase in muscle mass?

Both work via different pathways and should actually complement each other. Now if you are serious about putting on more muscle mass fast the number ONE, TWO AND THREE priorities are:

Workout nutrition
Workout nutrition
Workout nutrition

PLAZMA taken pre (1-2 serving(s)) and during (1 serving) will do more for increasing your muscle growth than any other legal product you can find.

[quote]Could you tell me if I can mix Tribex & REZ-V for better results?

Yep, they can definitely be stacked together. Like Thib said, they complement each other very well.

And, again, workout nutrition is the top priority for putting on size. This article gets into some more details. Basically, the right protein and carbs at the right times (immediately before, during, and immediately after lifting) can seriously improve performance and recovery.

That, added to the right training and eating, is the way to go.

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