Supplements for Females


I haven’t seen much information in regards to supplementation for females… I am new to Biotest products and I am quite intrigued to try some out.

My current goals are to lean out while maintaining muscle mass, and something to help suppress appetite. I am planning to compete in my first figure competition in November so i need something to keep energy up, cravings down, and assist with fat loss/muscle maintenance. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Also, i was wondering what the differences are between indigo-3G, HOT-ROX extreme, and Carbolin-19? can they be used together? Thanks


[quote]tdavis170 wrote:
I haven’t seen much information in regards to supplementation for females[/quote]
That’s because women can basically take everything a man could, except of course Testosterone boosters (other than very very very few specific cases).

One of the most foundational supps for any lifter, let alone a competitor, is workout nutrition. Something like Plazma or even Surge Workout Fuel should be prioritized before fat loss supplements. The improved workouts and recovery benefits will definitely add up to more muscle and less fat.

So even if fat loss is “the goal”, handling workout nutrition should be like “the base level goal”.

To oversimplify, Indigo is a nutrient partitioner, so it tells your body “These carbs go into muscles and these can get burned as fuel, but they don’t get stored as fat.” Hot-Rox is a straight-up potent fat burner. It’s stimulant-based, you’ll likely get an energy boost from it (too much energy, for some people). Carbolin-19 has a specific ingredient that encourages muscle preservation and fat loss.

Hot-Rox actually contains a full dose of Carbolin-19, so there’s generally no need to take them both. But Indigo and either other one could be used as a fat loss stack, sure.

One thing you might want to do, that some competitors on this site do during contest prep, is instead of using all the supplements from Day One of contest prep, start with the Indigo, run your fat loss/prep phase, and then introduce Hot-Rox or Carbolin-19 after a month or two in order to give the fat loss progress a real bump.

I will say, though, that when I used Hot-Rox, the appetite suppressant was the most noticeable factor for me. It dropped my hunger to nothing. I’m not totally sure which ingredient is most responsible, but that’s what I noticed.

Just double-check because some federations have yohimbine on their banned substance list, and it’s an ingredient in Hot-Rox. So keep an eye out for that.


Ok great, I will do that. thanks so much Chris!