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It’s been a few months since I last worked out due to a small bout of sciatica. Right now I’m aprox 16-17% body fat. I was thinking about picking up some Anaconda & MAG-10. A few years back I used HOT-ROX in conjunction with training and had great success. Only this time I would like to do it without the assistance of HOT-ROX; just don’t like the way they make me feel.

Are there any other supplements recommended other than the two listed above? Not really looking to go the Velocity Diet route. My main goal is to lose as much body fat as I can without sacrificing muscle. The goal right now is to get to 10%. I think this goal is attainable in the next 12-16 weeks.

Almost certainly any problem you had with “feel” of HOT-ROX would be due to one or both of relatively minor ingredients: yohimbine and/or caffeine. Most of the fat-loss value is from the Carbolin 19 in the formulation, which is available separately. I’m confident you’d be pleased with the “feel” of Carbolin 19 even given your experience of not liking HOT-ROX.

As budget wasn’t mentioned, I’ll cover both possibilities. If body composition and muscle mass at the end of the cycle is important enough and the budget allows, Indigo-3G certainly would be the first choice to add. If that’s just not reasonably possible, then you can still do very well with Anaconda, MAG-10, and Carbolin 19. Your goal is achievable in your time frame either way: Indigo-3G would allow it to be accomplished faster and with more added muscle at the end. You absolutely shouldn’t lose muscle either way.

If the choice were between adding Indigo-3G or Carbolin 19 but not both, then Indigo-3G.

Interesting. Are you allowed to tell us how much Carbolin 19 Forskolin is in HOT-ROX?

I agree with Bill. <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 would accelerate your fat loss efforts without any “fat-burner feelings” that some people don’t enjoy.

Likewise, <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 is the most anti-catabolic supplement on the market, although we really don’t advertise it as such. It’s our belief and experience that one simply can’t lose muscle when using MAG-10 a few times per day, such as post-workout, between meals, and even pre-bed or first thing in the morning.

One of our readers, Hip Scar, even used MAG-10 while going through chemotherapy treatment and credits it with the retention of his (considerable) muscle mass. If MAG-10 can prevent muscle loss during chemo, then a simple fat-loss phase doesn’t stand of chance of eating up muscle.

For long-term fat loss and faster muscle gains, <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is the way to go, especially if you’ve always had the tendency to gain fat easily or handle carbs poorly.

In a nutshell, Indigo-3G repairs the underlying issues (dysfunctional nutrient uptake mechanisms and inflammatory fat cells), allowing you to eat for muscle gains without gaining fat and lose fat easily without a super-restrictive diet plan. That would be my first suggestion if your budget allows.

Hope this helps.

[quote]mgbyrnc wrote:
Interesting. Are you allowed to tell us how much Carbolin 19 Forskolin is in HOT-ROX?[/quote]
I always assume that I should mention exact milligram amounts only when given specifically on the label, but actually have never been told one way or the other on that. It’s just my own assumption.

Broadly speaking though, the amount of Carbolin 19 in HOT-ROX is such that we don’t recommend taking max label doses (2 capsules each) of both HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19 at the same time. Not that there’s been an observed adverse effect or any likely one, but rather that there seems no further benefit to such a large amount of Carbolin 19 at one time.

And the amount is also such that generally there’s no need to take one capsule of Carbolin 19 on top of two capsules of HOT-ROX, though for some there may be a further increment of benefit in doing so and it’s a perfectly acceptable option.

I would love to try out Indigo-3G, but it’s a little pricey for me right now. My budget for supplements is about $200 per month right now. That pretty much covers the MAG-10, Anaconda and the Carbolin 19.

Do you have any recommendations on diet and workout routine? I did do the German Body Comp program, but the gym I went to was always way too crowded. Right now I have a home gym similar to this.

If you can, consider upgrading your Anaconda to Plazma. Even two servings per session would be great. The multi-unit discounts may help you fit it into the budget.

Also, if you’d like me to look over your diet plan and food selections, pop over to the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris Forum and I’d be glad to look things over for you.

Lastly, given your limited equipment, have you looked into training complexes? We have several articles in our archives. Here’s one I put together: <a href=""target=“new”>4 Complexes for a Shredded Physique

Right now I think I’m just gonna go with the anaconda. It fits better into my budget at the moment. Do you think they will ever offer a discount on anaconda on orders larger than 1 down the road?

I’m not in charge of pricing, but with most Anaconda users switching rapidly to Plazma, I don’t foresee a multi-unit discount on Anaconda.

With the multi-unit deals on Plazma and using only two serving for each lifting session (one pre-loaded, one during) it could end up being comparable to Anaconda in price. (I haven’t done the exact math, sorry.)

But if Anaconda fits the budget better right now, it’ll certainly fit your needs.

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I have everything figured out before I go on a shopping spree. I was thinking about going with the plazma super stack. I’m (5’9" and about 170-175lbs) looking to lose fat. Someone suggested the 5x5 for weight training. Say I did that 3 days out of the week and added in complexes 2-3 days. Do you think that would be a good plan of action to strip the fat away?

Also is it imperative to use Indigo 3-g twice a day when starting out or would 6 caps before training be suffice? As far as MAG-10, would one pulse a day be good after training? Since I would be getting more calories in on a training day I was thinking about taking it once after training and maybe twice a day on complex day and off days.

As our coaches, Christian Thibaudeau and John Meadows, always say, you never lift weights with the goal of losing fat. Lifting is for building muscle (which leads to fat loss of course as your metabolism ramps up.) Fat loss is about your diet plan, plus Indigo-3G will greatly improve your nutrient uptake mechanisms, basically turning food into muscle instead of storing it as body fat. We have some suggested food/carb intake info here for Indigo-3G users: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide. Once you start an Indigo-3G log, we’d be glad to look over your eating plan and help you tweak it to fit your goals and optimize Indigo-3G usage.

You’ll also have free access to Meadow’s Reactive Pump training program and programs developed by Christian just for Indigo-3G users. You may not need any “cardio” at all with the right lifting and eating plan.

For long-term “fat cell repair” we suggest full-dose Indigo-3G for at least 8 weeks. But some do only use one serving per day (6 capsules) before starting their workout nutrition drinks and weight training. On off days, you’d take that single dose before your biggest meal of the day. That’s an effective plan for those on a budget.

The best time for a MAG-10 pulse is about 30-60 minutes after weight training. On off days, you can pulse between solid meals, first thing in the AM or even before bed. It can also be used during conditioning workouts to prevent catabolism and speed fat loss. There’s no need to worry about the carbs and calories in MAG-10 as the formula is thermic in nature, helping with fat loss.

One more thought: What would be really helpful is seeing a pic of you. Are you sure fat loss needs to be your main goal? Only a photo can show us and it’ll help us give you the best advice.

Hey Chris, I purchased 2 bottles of Indigo 3G yesterday and will be placing an order for MAG-10 and anaconda in the next few days. I plan on eating 3 solid meals a day and taking MAG-10 1-2 times daily. Do you think the training program for the Velocity Diet would be a good template to follow? Someone recommended 5x5 along with sprints in another thread.

Once the Indigo comes in and I get my diet figured out, I’ll start an Indigo log. I do have one more question. I bought some flax seed and psyllium husk fiber, just because my current fiber intake is very low. Would it be better to take these with a meal or at the end of the day and would this mess up the Indigo if taken around the same time?

The V-Diet workouts are fine, but honestly very few people follow them correctly (maybe we didn’t explain them well.)

There are many ways to skin the body-fat cat of course, but your nutrition is going to make the biggest impact. Just about any of our training programs will fit the bill if your diet is in order, and designed to support Indigo-3G. You may want to look into the 6 Weeks to Superhero plan by Thibaudeau, just ignore the old supplement stack in there as the formulas have ben updated since that program was written.

Or, follow any weight-training plan you’d like, but do 10 minutes or so of conditioning afterward and on off days. I outline a plan for that at the bottom of this article: <a href=""target=“new”>Running Makes You Fat

Fiber is a very tricky issue. You need some of course, and your food choices should take care of it. But fiber can easily be overdone and cause issues with bloating and bad digestion that, ironically, makes you look fat. The “new school” on fiber says that it’s somewhat overrated in the big picture. So use with caution, and choose the flax more often than the husks. Fiber supplements won’t interfere with Indigo-3G though, just follow the label on Indigo and take it 30 minutes before a meal or workout nutrition.

Once you start your Indigo-3G log, I’d be glad to look over your meal plan and make sure it supports your goals and Indigo usage.

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