Supplements for Cutting

So I am trying to get cut for the summer and am looking for a supplement that might help me out a little bit. Lifting heavy, doing moderate intensity cardio, and eating low carb already. I haven’t tried Indigo-3G, Plazma, Mag-10, or any other supplements on this site. Any tips?

I guess I’ll give a little more background. Here’s a standard day on this cut:

Breakfast (Rotate between these 3): Oatmeal with fruit and protein / Plain greek yogurt with fruit / Eggs

Lunch: Salad with protein source on top

Snack: Fish, Chicken, or Steak with veggies

Workout 5-7PM

Post workout protein shake in water with creatine

Dinner: Fish, Chicken, or Steak with veggies and clean carb source (sweet taters or brown rice)

Add nuts, olive oil, avocado, or coconut oil for fat source.

60g fat / 75g carbs / 200g protein is what I average

I’m actually having good results with Carbolin 19, a keto diet and 1-2(max) carb meals a week. Initially it didn’t feel like the Carbolin 19 was doing much but that changed after about 3 weeks.

While there are some simple ways to achieve your short-term goal of leaning up for summer, such as take <a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX Extreme while following your current plan (which looks pretty solid except for lack of real workout nutrition), there’s also something that we think you’d be much more satisfied with in the long run.

Instead of having to follow a low carb plan and do cardio every time you want to get lean, why not fix the underlying problems that are causing you to gain fat and mishandle carbs in the first place? For most people who are already training hard and eating the right foods the majority of the time, that’s dysfunctional nutrient uptake mechanisms and issues with the fat cell itself. Repair those and year-around leanness, while still being able to gain muscle, is a given.

The only thing that will do that is <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. Wouldn’t you rather eat 300g of carbs per day, lose body fat and keep it off for good, and make gains in the gym? Having to remain low carb will help you get lean and stay lean, but gym performance and muscle gains will suffer. So while a fat burner and a low-carb diet is an effective Band-Aid, we’d rather see you cure the disease, so to speak.

The biggest hole right now in your nutrition plan is lack of workout nutrition. <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma, used just before and during training, is the best choice there. And taking Indigo-3G concurrently will insure everything in Plazma will be driven into the muscles. So you’ll want to click those links and learn more about both of those supplements, or see how one of our <a href=""target=“new”>stacks fits your budget.

Fat loss, accelerated muscle gains, a less restrictive diet needed, and no traditional cardio required: that’s what Indigo-3G and Plazma can provide the serious lifter, so that has to be our first suggestion to you.

Again, maybe all you want is accelerated fat loss right now for summertime leanness. HOT-ROX may be the way to go, though we’d still suggest using a workout nutrition supplement to get the most out of your training sessions. Honestly, whey and creatine post-training is what people did in the 90’s and the science has greatly advanced since then, so that’s definitely an area of opportunity for you.

Great response. Thanks Chris!

MAG-10 and HOT-ROX would be beneficial to use. Fasted morning walks can also make a big impact over time. I highly recommend all of the above.

Any more questions, just fire away. There are several ways to skin that particular cat, and we have several skinning tools to fit your budget and schedule.

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