Supplements for Calisthenics and Endurance


I’ve taken a turn in my training to mix things up for a bit and have been doing soley bodyweight calisthenics and endurance runs. I’ll do some barbell complexes and some kettlebell work to mix things up but only light weight.

What supplements would you recommend for this type of programming? I’m not necessarily trying to gain weight at the moment, but definitely increase strength and endurance.



If the workout are very intense and extend to about an hour, then check into <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel.

If the workouts are intense but brief, then check out <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10.


Awesome! I ended up purchasing both.

Any tips for combining the two? I’m planning on using one serving of Surge pre workout and one serving of Mag10 post workout. Most likely only on workout days. Any other advice for best using these supplements would be much appreciated. Thanks for the quick response!


Surge Workout is best used all around training, see label. A little before, most during, a little after, basically. About an hour after that is the best time for a hit of Mag-10 if using it for post-workout purposes.