Supplements at the Airport

Hi, so it will be my first time on a plane this week. I wanted to bring some Plazma powder, flavor with me, can bring this on the plane and pass airport security without concern?

I’ve had a history lugging ‘my stuff’ with me many times in the past, and never really had an issues. I do always try to pack my stuff in the luggage I’m checking instead of trying to carry items on the actual plane. Also, whenever possible, bring items that are unopened. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I’ve heard other people state this as well.

Remember though, having a labeled container of Plazma will certainly raise less concerns than just a giant zip lock bag full of powder -lol.


I’ve actually just got back from a three month vacation and half of it was traveling Europe. I put most of my supplements in my check in luggage, but I did take some whey in a regular ziplock bag to take on the plane and there were no questions asked.

Honestly they don’t seem to care unless its a liquid or gel, for example going through security to go to Paris I had three ziplock bags of whey stuffed into my protein bottle and another bag of supplements in pill form. When I went through the metal detector a lady asked me is this my bag and I said yes (thinking I’d have to explain the powder etc.), but it turned out they totally ignored that and it was because my wife left a small bag of her makeup stuff in there instead of taking it out.
Basically you should be fine most places but take Stu’s advice of primarily putting it in check in luggage.

Enjoy your first plane journey!

I’ve never had a problem packing powders through, even in unmarked baggies, and have never heard of anyone having that issue. But I’ll usually pack <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 in a smaller container than it comes in, like a Power Drive container, for easier travel. Then pack a shaker bottle or even just any empty, wide-mouth bottle like Plazma RTD comes in. You have to make one serving at a time of course, but it’s easier than packing the large-size Nalgene in your carry-on.

The <a href=""target=“new”>Intensified Flavor bottles are 3.4 oz and small enough to pass through TSA. Just keep it with your other small liquids.

I travel every months and take up to 15 planes a month. In my case, i never had any issue.
I put my stuff in the luggage i check in though.
Like Chris, i put the doses i need in a smaller container, in case of problems, so i don’t lose it all.

However, on the V-Diet, i had to carry full Metabolic Drive boxes. I usually have my shaker and other supplements in there.
I put everything in a bag, i even leave a paper with my name , phone number, and i write that this is sport nutrition (proteins and co).

Never had any problems

They dont look for “suspicious powder” iirc, they just let the dogs do their job for that

Thanks everyone, I’m leaving today, with my Plazma!

I got stopped at Vegas going to Detroit with a ziplock of MAG-10. Like Gallon zip lock. They TSA gal’s eyes got HUGE when she pulled it out. I explained it was protein and not a couple pounds of Columbian Bam Bam. Funny thing is she took my word for it and said she was relieved that I didn’t ruin my life haha.

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