Supplements and NCAA Athletes

I would like to recommend Power Drive for my daughter who plays a college sport. Is there anything in this that the NCAA would not like?

Nothing in it is on the banned list. I took it this past year in full confidence as a college athlete myself (D3). Drug testing in college is not very widespread at least at the D3 level. Still, I think the most prevalent thing that athletes would get busted for is marijuana and study aids (adderral, etc.), so I would caution your daughter about that.

As for Power Drive, I liked it. It tastes a little funky, but it seemed to allow me to work more efficiently. I don’t know if this was in result to the product itself, or the fact that I was paying to help my studying, so I needed to focus so that I didn’t waste money.

Hope this helped.

We don’t know of anything in <a href=""target=“new”>Power Drive that could pose an issue, but of course we can’t keep track of every banned list for every organization. That said, very strictly tested athletes like NFL football players use many of our supplements and we’ve never heard of a problem. But it never hurts to compare the label with the organization’s list, just in case.

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