cevargasf asks:

In my stack I use some of your products like Flameout™, ZMA®, Creatine, Rez-V™ and Curcumin.

I would like to know a good pre/intra/post workout using your products (Plazma™, Mag-10®, Spike®). How I can combine them?


Simply follow the label on <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma for peri-workout nutrition. You can add plain creatine to it if you’d like, or if using Mag-10 post-workout, add your creatine there. Flameout can be taken with any meal during the day, ZMA before bed, Curcumin any time, Rez-V according to label directions. Spike is an energy drink (or tablet) and not workout “nutrition” - just an energy product. Use any time you need a boost.

Thanks Chris… With Plazma + MAG-10 i dont need to use BCAA?

Nope, you are more than covered with Plazma and Mag-10!

Perfect! One last question… Should i stop Rev-Z and Curcumin? I follow a flexible dieting and my macros goes like this 250g carbs, 170-200g protein and 60g fat (im trying to gain some muscles), my weight is 176.4, not cardio right now and i lift 4 times a week (push, pull, legs and i repeat 1).

I can add some pics of my changes if you like as i dropped from 216 to 159 (lifting and doing several diets like keto, carb cycling, etc) and now im gaining…

Rez-V and Curcumin usage is up to you. Both are good choices, and they won’t interfere with your goals or other supplements. But if budget is an issue, we’d suggest focusing on workout nutrition first.

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