Supplement Whoring


Hey Chris, this might be a bit lengthy so I apologize in advance. Infact, you can skip the first two paragraphs if you want.

As you may remember, I was apart of Indigo group two. I had a great time with it then my wallet started thinning out a little too much. Over the winter I made an effort to put on some weight. I went from ~200 to my heaviest ever at one point at 228lbs. It was nice to see that on the scale but it didn’t feel great. My stomach showed through my shirt like never before and I was shy about how I looked in front of my own girlfriend. Now I know that makes me sound like a whiney bitch but I’m just trying to get the point across - I felt like shit. I mean, not as terrible as 9/10 americans but I didn’t feel like the athlete I used to be and knew I still could be.

So I cleaned up my diet, started jumping rope as a warm up, following Thib’s jump suggestions, and I recently did sprints for the first time in who knows how long. I easily dropped to 215, feel MUCH better and haven’t lost any strength. O and the waist is almost back to Indigo measurements.

So here’s what’s on my mind. I recently developed my own short-term program. Even though I’m eating better foods than I was a few months ago, I don’t feel that I’m supplying my body with the right stuff to squat, press and pull the big stuff. I am a huge fan of Biotest but don’t always have the money for it. The program I put together is twelve weeks. The plan is to get into a solid groove for the first six weeks of training doing my best with nutrition then kicking it up a notch every two weeks for the last six weeks (leading up to PR’s hopefully).

Here’s the breakdown:
Weeks 6-12 - Anaconda Protocol 2
Weeks 8-12 - 1 MAG-10 scoop before and 1 Metabolic Drive scoop after each main meal
Weeks 10-12 - FINiBAR added to each main meal

This would take Anaconda Protocol 2, two additional MAG-10’s, two Metabolic drives, and four FINiBAR boxes equalling about $540. That’s basically a pay check for me.

The goal is to obviously get stronger and put on some quality mass. The purpose of anaconda protocol is also obvious, and the MAG10/MD/FINi additions are based on Thib’s lean gain suggestions from a while back.

So what do you think? Should I bite the bullet and go for it? Is this overkill? Should I just stick to the Anaconda Protocol or the lean gain additions til I get a comfortable amount of money? Should I stop asking so many damn questions?

The other option I’m considering is developing a time machine, going back to high school, paying attention in class, following a better college path, getting a better job and not having to worry about money for supps.

Thanks a lot!


Looks like a solid plan. I think you could skip the scoop of Metabolic Drive with meals and just have more solid food. That should save you a few bucks.


Ok, thanks. Why FINiBARs and not Metabolic Drive bars?


Probably just more calories and carbs.