Supplement Timing for Early Morning Workouts

Hi - I’m new with Biotest Products and looking for advice on supplement timing for Surge, Micro-PA and BCAA.



If possible, you’ll want to take Micro-PA an hour before your training begins. Roughly 15 to 20 minutes prior to training is the best time to have a serving of Surge in order to prime your system for lifting.

Also, which Surge product are you referring to, Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery? Depending upon your goals and budget, you can have a second serving of either during your workout, or if using Surge Recovery, a serving after training.

I’d probably save the BCAA Peptides for another time, such as:

One scoop (5 grams) with meals
Between meals for accelerated recovery and enhanced protein synthesis
Add to any protein shake to “spike” the anabolic effects
One serving before bed to facilitate recovery from training

Hope this helps get you going!

Thank you so much for responding! I’m taking Surge Workout Fuel

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