Supplement Stacking

I have a question concerning supplement stacking. I am a biosignature practitioner and have access to all of Poliquin’s supplements but i’m very interested in trying some of the Biotest supplements since i’ll be doing the Anaconda protocol or I Bodybuilder. how would I go about mixing these two companies together.

my current peri workout nutrition is as follows:
pre - java stim, beta alanine, yang r-ala and either alpha gpc or glycocarn
intra - 40g bcaa, arginine and depending on how i feel focused response or fast brain
post #1 - greens with 10g of EAAs
post #2 - protein, glutamine, glycine, yin r-ala, magnesium and glucose disposal
my shake have 250ml of grape juice and quadricarb or corn flakes or some other type of solid carb ei ice cream.

  • i’m 180lbs at 9% bodyfat (but my abs aren’t showing) and i measure 6"
    would like to get to 200lbs

what do you suggest?


We can’t advise you how to use another company’s supplements. For our supplements, follow the label directions. But you would not need any of that other stuff around your workout if using Biotest peri-workout supplements such as <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. And you certainly would not need the junk food after training if using good workout training supplements.

Our suggestion is to pre-load Plazma with one serving, use another serving or two during, then a post-workout pulse of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10. Then get rid of 90% of that other concoction.

just to let you know the corn flakes are the organic kind not the generic ones, that goes the same for the grape juice and ice cream.
what about Indigo-3G and Carbolin 19?

Indigo-3G is proven, so adding it to a Plazma/Mag-10 plan is perfect. We have a stack just for that plan: <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Super Stack

We suggest taking Indigo-3G thirty minutes prior to starting your workout nutrition supplements. Have the second dose before a meal at another time of day. The key is separate the doses by at least 6 hours. No need to “overlap” doses since a single serving is “in you” for at least 6 hours.

Carbolin-19 is okay to add, but focus first on getting your workout nutrition, Indigo-3G, and diet plan dialed in. Honestly, that’s all most people need. You need to simplify. That first list of supplements you mentioned contained around 13 products.

i don’t know if you can answer this but during the week the only carbs I have come from my post-workout skake. on saturday I have a refeed day. does any of this change is I get on the Plazma Super Stack? what should I be looking for in terms of nutrition management?

If your main goal is muscle gain - and you said you wanted to gain 20 pounds - why are limiting carbs so much? And honestly, the carbs you’re getting are on the junky side, organic or not. Seems like you have mixed goals. You want to gain muscle, want to limit carbs, but want to eat junk carbs when you do eat them.

Plus, Indigo-3G, if you choose to use it, is a nutrient repartitioning agent. It works optimally with carbs. Indigo needs something to repartition into muscle. Most Indigo-3G users start around 300g of clean carbs (not ice cream, fruit juice and cereal) and that counts what’s in their workout nutrition, like Plazma. Many can go much higher than that. When you’re getting enough calories and carbs to build muscle, you don’t need a refeed day. Refeeds are typically for those on very low carb diet. You don’t have to be, nor should you be, on a low-carb diet when using Indigo-3G.

We have some suggested solid-food carb sources for Indigo-3G users here: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide

Overall nutrition is all about finding the sweet spot for your goals. If you want to gain muscle, you need roughly 500-800 calories over maintenance level per day. And you need carbs. Workout nutrition can contribute to a lot of that.

Hey Chris,
thanks and I will start applying.

Please keep us posted. I know I threw a lot at you at once. Any more questions, ask away. Or hit me up in the “Ask Chris” forum if that’s a better place for the type of question.

no i understand the concept and i am asking questions to learn so i’m cool with it.
so on the stack of supplements you mentioned you would have me carb every day I workout? clean carbs as mentioned in the Indigo3G (rice, potatoes…) when can I have a cheat meal, if permitted?

in terms of vegetables and protein i guess i’m pretty good. meaning, according to your recommendations I need more carbs. so i’ll get on that.

If using Indigo-3G, you’ll want carbs daily, and the workout supplements will provide even more on training days. If one of those training days is easy, like an arms-only day, you can tweak and use less workout nutrition, like 1 serving of Plazma pre-loaded. Then use the full amount for tough days, like squats and deads.

I’m not a fan of cheat meals myself. Refeeds with clean foods are fine if dieting hard, but not really needed when you’re eating every day to gain muscle and never having a truly low carb day. Here’s some thoughts on cheat meals from Christian Thibaudeau and myself:

just a question like that, have you ever red the book the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris?

[quote]btfbadboy wrote:
just a question like that, have you ever red the book the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris?[/quote]

No, but I skimmed it. Mostly a bunch of old information, stuff T-Nation wrote about 12 years ago.

let me know if this makes any sense to you then.
i typically have steak and nuts in the morning prior to my workout. do i add carbs here or not? and i guess it would be berries or fruit based?

i only consume carbs post workout 4:1 ratio approx. (depending on workout) carbs:pro and my carbs are 2/3 quadricarb and 1/3 juice. you suggest I replace this by MAG-10, correct? and my pre-workout carbs would come from Plazma, correct?

as for my other meals, do I just add some carbs in them? you mention 300g of carbs a day, so that would be spread out over say 6-7 meals?
I guess since I am increasing my carb intake I need to decrease my fish oil intake a bit? currently take 15g of fish oil daily.

i want to make sure I have everything down right because I want to give this a real shot and see what’s up. I will be doing my BioSignature pre (with pictures) and post (with pictures). I’ll be honest about one thing, I own my private training facility and am very busy but manage to get my workouts in no matter what.

my point behind this is that I don’t really do a program i.e. german volume or 531 I pretty much go hard on what ever i’m feeling that day my split usually looks like this; MONDAY-upper(more back) TUESDAY-lower(more quad) WEDNESDAY-OFF THURSDAY-upper and FRIDAY-lower, sometimes i’ll do SATURDAY-wtv i feel i missed out on i.e. sprints, GPP.

I honestly never understood Poliquin’s idea about loading up on a high fat, low-carb meal before training. Pre-workout is one of those times when you want some carbs and you’ll put them to work in the training, having a better workout and building more muscle than you would without carbs.

The great thing about a combo like Indigo-3G, Plazma and Mag-10 is that it should make diet easy and less complex. The workout nutrition supps take care of the most important times of the day. Take Indigo, pre-load with Plazma, have another one or two during training, ten have a Mag-10 after training. Done. Just eat healthy foods the rest of the day and you’re 90% there with nutrition. Eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat if you’re not hungry. If you main goal is muscle gain, eat a little more each meal. Nothing magical is going to happen going from 4 meals a day to 7, unless you needed those calories.

Take your fish oil no matter what. 4 capsules of Flameout is all you need.

Less thinking, more doing. (I have to tell myself that often. And I’m up around 17 pounds in a year, no fat gain, using the same plan I just outlined in the thread.)

ok sounds good, i will give all this a try. is there a special place where I can post my log about all this?

Sure. If you use Indigo-3G you’ll have access to the log area there: Lots of helpful, experienced people in those logs who are using the same plan of attack.

Chris, that type of plan also work with someone around 24% body fat? I have a decent amount of muscle and would like to add too that but get my body fat 9%.

[quote]Dreaded wrote:
Chris, that type of plan also work with someone around 24% body fat? I have a decent amount of muscle and would like to add too that but get my body fat 9%.[/quote]

Which part of the above are you referring to?

The Plazma super stack? Was going to purchase this along with Flameout…

[quote]Dreaded wrote:
The Plazma super stack? Was going to purchase this along with Flameout…[/quote]

It’s always optimal to optimize workout nutrition, regardless of goal. Whether you lose fat or not will of course depend on the rest of your diet and your training. Indigo-3G does work to fix the underlying issues that cause easy fat gain and fat storage. Nutrients are instead repartitioned toward muscle gains.

Flameout is a good choice too.

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