Supplement Shortage

Why are so many Biotest supplements “out-of-stock”?
Any ETA on when they will be available to purchase?

It’s looking like 2-6 weeks for things to come back in stock. The pandemic has slowed down the resupply of certain ingredients and packaging materials, so there are delays on the manufacturing side.

You can also hit Notify Me on any out of stock product to get an e-mail alert when it’s back.

Any updates on when Indigo-3g will be in stock again?

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Far as I know, we’re still in the 2-6 week window for stuff to resupply.

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You’re killing me Smalls! I have been out of all my favorite supplements for weeks. Is there any update?

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Some stuff has come back in so far, but I heard they’re hoping to have even more (like Indigo-3G Carbolin-19, Hot-Rox Extreme, and ZMA) towards the middle of June.

Thanks for the update. I was really hoping Indigo would be back in sooner. I had a bout of the plague last year and I want to lose the fat I added while I was in quarantine.

Any update on Rez-V and Surge Workout Fuel?


From what I hear, Rez-V should return in the next few weeks and Surge Workout Fuel should be 8-10 weeks.

You can hit Notify Me on each product’s page to get an e-mail when they return.

I assume the timeline is the same for Mag-10 then, 8-10 weeks?

Yep, 8-10 weeks for Mag-10 and I’m guessing Plazma, too. There’s a worldwide shortage of casein hydrolysate, which is causing a bit of a wrinkle.

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