Supplement Regimen for a Swimmer

My sister is reaching a pretty high level of competition and is looking to add in some workout nutrition to compliment it. Her coaches have bs recommendations like chocolate milk after practice… Anyone have any experience planning out workout nutrition for swimmers? Her practices can be up two hours long, and meets can be four hours long.

We’ve used <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma and <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel with many such athletes. If she chooses Plazma, one serving pre-loaded before training will do the trick, and one more sipped during if she needs it.

<a href=""target=“new”>Finibar would be ideal for meets since she’ll mostly likely have time for quick solid food then. It’s designed to be easy on the stomach so it’s perfect for intra-event.

Thanks for the quick response Chris!

Any thoughts or concerns on young female high school athletes (ages 14 - 17) taking Plazma, Finibars, or MAG-10? I coach and train varsity and junior varsity volleyball and have been considering advising this for our players during their training.




There’s nothing in them that would harm a young athlete. My daughter has used Finibars for track. Only thing a coach has to worry about is the rules pertaining to giving athletes supps. They can suggest but not supply in some cases. A coach was fired recently for giving his high school football players creatine.

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