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Spuhls asks:

I am in my upper 60’s and I lift weights five days per week. I’m very active, doing something in the outdoors seven days per week. I just finished my first bottle of Alpha Male, so I need to order more product. What do you recommend? I’m in good shape, just a little fat in the stomach area. I can’t seem to lose this. I also have low testosterone.

Staying with Alpha Male is a great choice. Pairing it with Rez-V can be even better. That’s a high-potency resveratrol extract that has natural anti-estrogen and test-boosting properties.

Curcumin is another great all-around choice because it’s connected to a ton of benefits, from heart health and a stronger immune system to anti-inflammatory effects and increased Test.

This talks about a handful of the benefits:

Double-check your diet. A lot of times, that’s where you can make little changes that have a big impact. This covers a few different points to review in your overall plan:

But in general, make sure you’re getting plenty of protein. That’s the simplest way to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs to repair from all the activity and training you’re doing. Something like a serving of Mag-10 once a day, either during the training or afterwards, would go a long way to reinforcing your protein intake and keeping you on track.

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