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I am a collegiate football athlete looking for the upper edge. I recently had surgery and looking to step my game up using this fall to focus on lifting and speed. My goal is to lean/tone out while building and maintaing muscle/speed. I have looked into Carbolin 19, Micro PA, and Indigo 3g. Thank you.

All of those are great choices. You also need to look into a workout nutrition supplement. If you’re not taking care of that, it’s the most important factor and the first thing I put my NFL athletes on. <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is the top choice there.

Here’s a great article that gets into the details of why pre, intra, and post-workout nutrition are crucial:

After that, <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G would be a great choice for your goals, and it stacks perfectly with Plazma.

Thank you for the reply with all that info. I will look into it ASAP. Currently, I take mass amino acids, beef liver tablets as well as a multi vitamin, glutamine, and protein. Are all of these okay to stack with the Indigo3G and Plazma or should I cut a few things out?

Thanks again!

Most of them are either 1) not needed 2) worthless. (Thought they stopped selling liver tabs in the 80’s!) Protein powder is fine but keep in mind you won’t need as much given the types of protein in Plazma.

Got it! thank you. Do these supplements need to be cycled on and off? Thanks. Final, so just the Plazma and Indigo3g or also Carbolin 19?

No need to cycle.

Carbolin-19 is great, but I think you’ll get everything you want with Indigo-#G and Plazma. Save the Carbolin for later.

Thanks Chris.

How long do you usually recommend your clients to take Indigo and Plazma or how many bottles?

Also, when is the most effective time to take Indigo in order to see the best results?

I appreciate your help.

  1. Every workout you’ll ever do will have a better effect when you use Plazma. It’s workout nutrition, so you can’t really think of like “cycling” a supplement. Users make it a staple. For Indigo-3G, you can use it as long as you want. Many notice that their underlying issues are “fixed” after a couple of months of continued usage, but it doesn’t have to be cycled.

  2. Follow label directions for best results.

I3G, makes holding water weight/bloat practically a non-issue :smiley:

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