Supplement Questions

Hey Chris,

Just about to start the V-Diet for the second time and have a couple questions:

  1. since I’m an athlete I still have to play sometimes, namely volleyball and basketball. I’m trying to minimize it, but if I do play should I add a little extra MD or have a small Surge shake?

  2. Would any of these supplements be a problem: Alpha GPC, Rhodiola and Circumin. I have FA3 too, but figure I’ll just stay off it for a month.

Thanks ahead of time!

  1. Yes, if needed. Or since this is your second V-Diet and you’re more “body aware” now, you’re free to experiment a bit more. A serving of MAG-10 during and after sports would be great. You can also add or delete 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day, as needed.

  2. All of those are fine additions to the V-Diet.

thanks for the response Chris. I will mess around with them when I try the diet again. I decided to wait a couple months so I could give it a proper run and get the best results

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