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I started the v-diet today. I have a few quick questions.

First my general story is that I am 43 yrs., 234, 6’3" and have lost 40 lbs fat over the past 1 1/2 year. 22% bf. I get 7-8 hrs sleep, supplement w Testosterone inj, B12 inj, D, multi v, plus use the basic v-diet Biotest products. My Body composition is acceptable, but my goal is to maintain muscle and get lean for once in my life. Recently I stalled and was not feeling motivated to jack w my diet to loose more fat. So I decided to try the v-diet.

Typically I eat Paleo 200g P, <50g C, rest fats, but have been slack as of late. Food quality is important to me and I am not completely comfortable that I am ingesting only powders.


  1. I did not buy HOT-ROX because it sounds like it could be “rough”, edgy feeling. Should I suck it up and take a thermogenic or HOT-ROX. Will it really make a big difference?

  2. I do not do body building lifts. I assume it is solid to follow a 3x5 power / oly lift work out 3 x per week?

  3. Fat loss is the goal. Any other tips other that sticking to the plan as outlined?

Thank you!


  1. HOT-ROX does make a difference as it speed fat loss, provided energy and enhanced mood, always helpful when dieting, however it’s just an option. If you tolerate fat burners well, I’d suggest it, starting with a small dosage.

  2. That’s fine. You may consider adding in some conditioning work as outlined at the bottom of this article:

  3. Not really. The plan, if followed correctly, has you covered. But if you have any questions along the way, just drop us a note here.

Also, you really don’t need the multi when taking Superfood.

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