Supplement Plan for Police Academy

Chris, Tim, anyone else that can help out:

I’m a highly motivated individual, just swore in to police academy. As part of our training we do between 1-2 hours of cardio, calisthenics, and grappling.

I still want to do my 5/3/1 training 3 or 4 times a week (I strength train every other day).

I have access to MAG-10, Plazma, and Finibars. During academy training we are only allowed to drink water. Food intake is also limited throughout the day.

I can basically have breakfast at home before I leave for the academy, have water throughout, if we get a lunch break I will be able to have a meal then, and then have something while on the way home or at home before training.

I would appreciate some help with a plan to help combat fatigue/soreness so I can kickass during my academy running and at least maintain strength if not build even more. Not trying to gain anymore weight but not trying to lose any either.

Another poster gave me the idea of taking some Finibars with me to the academy and chowing down on them during a bathroom break but we are also limited on bathroom allowance.

Besides that I was thinking of using the Plazma during the training and a serving of MAG-10 right after, and another serving before bed.

Would I also have some in the morning?

Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.

Plazma loaded pre-weight training and used during, per label. Mag-10 after, per label. (I assume you do your weight training NOT at the academy?)

If there’s a way to have a Finibar before all the cardio, that would be ideal. Not much of a chance to have Mag-10 during the other training it sounds like, though that would help stop any catabolism from all the cardio. Have a pulse on the way home if you can. If the cardio comes early in the day, Finibar could be part of breakfast or pre-academy training and get you pre-fueled.

But you pretty much have to go by the rules, right? So take care of your weight training with Plazma and Mag-10 and just insure good nutrition the rest of the time, having a Finibar before endurance work if you can.

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