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I’m a 37 y/o female, active military. I have a lot of experience with training and supplements, but everything I’ve sampled in the last 2 years doesn’t compare to things I cant find anymore (synedrex, oxy elite, the original mr. Hyde to name a few as well as some overpriced Ineffective nootropics.) I was reading about Brain Candy and Carbolin-19. I train m-f 4am cardio & lift in the afternoons most days (all dependent on work) and bicycle on the weeekends. Work starts at 5:45 & I typically finish well after 4pm; then I have to take care of my dog. I am going to research Velocity Diet, although im not sure I’m ready for that; I am working with an Injury (severed psoas) and again, my work schedule. I can train around the Injury… but In your opinion, What supplements would be ideal for someone in my Age bracket/ situation? My goal is to lean out and maintain muscle. I am a wome s size 4/6, men’s 27.5, but im pushing 160#. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Workout nutrition is always the best place to start. The right protein and carbs during training will maximize your performance and improve recovery. Plazma is the best choice for that.

Since you’re up at crazy early o’clock in the morning, if you want a stimulant-based boost, Brain Candy could be a good choice. The regular version is potent (high caffeine), but the formula will get you firing on all cylinders and there’s a caffeine-free version if needed.

Depends on your goal. That’s a 4-week plan strictly focused on fat loss, so it might be an option.

You could also look into curcumin and Flameout to help reduce inflammation and manage your injury.

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