Supplement Newbie Doesn't Know What to Use

I’ve been working out for a while now and getting fairly good results, but I figured that I may try using some supplements. In the past I have used creatine monohydrate and whey protein but didn’t really notice a huge change with using them, so I stopped and for the past few months have just been eating foods, and eating better than beforehand which has led to more improvements. Only problem is that its difficult to really keep my diet in check sometimes since I’m a busy college student who has an erratic schedule and I travel/ski 2-3 times per week usually; so options get limited at times… not to mention I do have 5-6 alcoholic drinks on most weekends.

Currently I’m sitting at ~155lbs and ~13% bodyfat. My main goals are to get leaner while still making gains in strength, I usually train with bodyweight/gymnastics type movements and big compound lifts which some high-intensity cardio thrown in. The issue is that this number bounces around and my progress is constantly teetering. If I were to use 1 or 2 supplements which ones would be most ideal for my situation? I’ve been wondering mostly about Plazma, Mag-10, Indigo-3G and Micro-PA.

Thanks, appreciate all the advice I could get!

tldr: College student on tight schedule and budget, ~155lb and 13% bf looking for one or two supplements to use in pursuit of getting leaner and stronger.

On a tight budget and picking one product for that reason, I’d pick Plazma if possible. Optimal workout nutrition is the most effective area for improvement.

If Plazma 2 scoops per workout simply can’t be afforded, then I’d go with the amount of MAG-10 that can be afforded.

Indigo-3G is an excellent product but not the most ideal for your situation. When on a tight budget, I would look to it only if (I doubt it) fat loss does not come with the increased training intensity that will be possible with Plazma and proper care to diet.

In addition to being more consistent with nutrition, it might be worth re-examining your weekly training plan. Trying to get lean while building strength is hard enough (it’s the ideal plan that lots of guys are after), but it sounds like you’re doing a little bit of everything, which means you could be wasting energy.

Like Bill said, Plazma would be the number one priority, as long as most of your training is free weight-based. It’s not really ideal for bodyweight/gymnastic stuff or cardio. Mag-10 would be the better choice if that’s the bulk of your training.

Mag-10 is also good to have during the day when your eating schedule really is sporadic. It’s a high quality, very fast absorbing casein hydrolysate. Some people even have only a few Mag-10 drinks during the day and then a big dinner. Great plan for dropping fat if you want to try it, discussed in-depth here.

This article talks more about why a workout drink (not just a “post workout drink”) should be the top priority.

After either/both of those, I’d probably lean towards Micro-PA to build muscle. Without knowing more detail about your eating, I’m not sure the nutrient partitioning effects of Indigo would be as effective (unless you totally overhauled your approach to eating). Micro-PA would improve the muscle building stimulus from your training to give you more of a push in that direction.

Agreed that Plazma and Micro-PA would be fantastic for gaining some serious mass. Although, to reiterate Chris’ point, consistent training and nutrition will be an essential part of the process. If you’d like to post pictures, or more about your training and nutrition, we can give you some more specific info :smile:

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