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I am new to T-Nation and would love some insight on what Biotest products are recommended, based on my fitness goals.

I am 144lbs, 64in & 27% BF. I have struggled with my weight on/off since my teens but the weight loss has gotten extremely difficult in the last 3 years. I went through some personal and professional issues, which made me turn to food for comfort. I have hit a wall and need supplements to kick start the weight loss.

I am not looking to get big. I am determined to lose weight and body fat (~125lbs, 18-20% BF). Any advice is greatly appreciated.


With the information you provided, Priscilla, I’d see the need as being correcting underlying metabolic issues rather than providing a stimulant to temporarily (at the time of use) promote weight loss. Absolutely my recommendation would be Indigo-3G, without any other supplement needed unless you found a protein product handy for your nutrition. Foods could entirely suffice also; protein shakes would be optional only.

Given your determination, I’m sure you’re already planning on training seriously: that will be key, as will attention to diet.

Don’t go too low in calories, as in the long term that would set you back. 1400-1500 cal/day would be the lowest I’d recommend.

You may find a lot of dieting help from the method of having mostly meals that are either protein/carb with low fat, or protein/fat with low carb. And where a meal is allowed that combines all three, being especially careful with meal size. Your daily protein/carb/fat amounts would work out the same as usual, it’s not intended to give an overall strange balance. As well as working well in general, doing it this way tends to naturally control meal size. (It’s far easier for calories to go too high when all three macronutrient types are present, and much easier for meal size to stay on target when it’s only two macronutrients at a time.)

Thank you for the information, Bill! I really appreciate it & will put it to use. I’ve placed my order for Indigo-3G & cannot wait to start using it.

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