Supplement advice



I practice yoga six days a week for 90 minutes and lift for about 40 minutes two times a week. All the lifts are compound (Deadlift, Squads, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, etc.) and I do pullups/chin-ups/push-ups after.

I have been researching the supplements and have heard consistently great recommendations for Plazma and MAG-10.

However, I am uncertain what is best for my situation because I do not lift heavy volume. Staying lean and improving recovery and endurance are my primary focuses, with power and strength being important, too, but secondary.

Would I still get significant use out of MAG-10 or Plazma if I only used it as recovery after my two lifting days? Or would Power Drive be more up my alley?

Surge also sounds interesting, as it seems to helps the endurance athlete as much as the bodybuilder as well, but the 35g of sugar concerns me.

Feedback/advice in general is appreciated.


Yes, Plazma and Mag-10 are perfect for you. You’d just use less if the workouts are shorter or less intense. For example, just one pre-loaded serving of Plazma, then one serving of Mag-10 post-workout.