Supplement Advice for Me?

44 yrs old
5’8" 163lbs
Currently on the tail-end of the Green Faces Diet
In 2nd week of Hard Body Training for Women

Wake 4:15am
gym 5:00am
no time to eat a real meal

I typically would grab a protein bar or drink a protein shake before training. But, since starting the Green Faces Diet I’ve been taking 1 scoop of Plazma (drink 1/2 15 - 30 min before gym and the other 1/2 intra-workout)

Now that I’m close to coming off this diet, I’d like to incorporate some carbs back into my diet. I do prefer to eat carbs as opposed to drink them.

Since I still need to focus on some fat loss, wondering if replacing the Plazma would be a good option for me. 38g of carbs is a big chunk if I want to still keep carbs on the low side and be able to actually eat some.

Perhaps Surge preworkout? Or eat a small snack before workout and take Mag-10 after?

Also, thinking about getting some Flame Out and maybe Curcumin

Thanks in advance for the tips!

[quote=“jamie1888, post:1, topic:6929”]
Since I still need to focus on some fat loss, wondering if replacing the Plazma would be a good option for me.[/quote]
“Replacing Plazma”. That’s up there with “serious actor Mark Wahlberg” as phrases that just don’t make sense.

Surge Workout Fuel is generally considered the next-best choice to Plazma, but if you’re already using Plazma there’s no real reason to take a step back to SWF. Even if it’s just about keeping a lid on total daily carbs, most coaches agree that, if there’s any time of day you should blast the carbs, it’s right before/during/right after training. Especially if you’re following a good program like Hard Body Training.

I think the better plan would be to add Indigo-3G, which acts as a nutrient partitioner and helps your body make even better use of carbs. A lot of former low-carbers use it when changing their diet and reincorporating clean carbs. The improved insulin sensitivity should eventually let you handle more carbs with better body comp.

Both of those have plenty of benefits on their own, and they’re definitely a great combo together for dealing with inflammation, aches, and pains. Good call.

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Thanks @Chris_Colucci :+1:

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