Supplement Absorption

CPerfringens asks:

Some supplement are said to be better absorbed when taken with dietary fats, mainly fish oils and curcumin. Is there any scientific data indicating how many grams are necessary for maximal absorption (5 gr? 10 gr? More?) or what would be the manufacturer’s recommandation on the topic?

Interesting question. At least with Biotest’s curcumin, they have included piperine to increase absorption.

I wouldn’t think you would need more than five to 10 grams to assist with digestion and absorption. But then again, that’s entirely a guess. I feel like if it were more, we would all be hearing about it. “Eat 25 grams of fat to get the most out of your fish juice!”

Honestly, I wouldn’t over-think it. And Curcumin has been outstanding.

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