Supp Combo for Physique Remodeling?

I was just curious if combining Carbolin-19 and Indigo-3G for a “one - two punch” for fat loss and lean muscle gains would pose any issues or adverse interactions or contradictions and if you would see this as an ideal combo to achieve those goals mentioned above.

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Nope. The ingredients are totally different, unrelated, and work through different mechanisms. No prob using them together, following label guidelines on each.

Solid combo, yep. Depending on your current condition (height, weight, general fat level), workout, and nutrition plan, they should get you into a good position to put on lean muscle without significant fat gain.

Make sure your workout nutrition is in place first, because that’s more foundational. But other than that, stacking those two should help as long as your training and diet are pointed in the right direction. What’s your plan for those?

@Chris_Colucci Thanks for your prompt reply. I should have touched on diet and training, and not figured that it was implied.

Macros are on point with focus on protein and carbs around training. Eating around 4 balanced meals a day with a total of 125 grams of protein (half of body weight) primarily from good animal sources (sardines, tuna, chicken, lean beef) and carbs are derived largely from a mix of whole grain oats and vegetable fruit sources with the exception right around training where i am ingesting cyclic dextrin peri- workout with EAA’s and following up with basmati rice withpost workou meal. Fats are primarily from fish and coconut oil (EFA’s).

Training is in 3 month meso’s with focus on hpertrophy using progressive loading (increase in weight and/or reps every week with deload in between meso’s training on a basic bro split 3 to 4 times a week.

Sorry if i am all over the place. Look forward to hearing from you.

Sounds like a pretty good approach in general. I’d just be sure to have some cardio in there too, to further get body comp going in the right direction.

How tall are you? At 250 pounds, are you already carrying a decent amount of fat? If so, just understand that getting insulin sensitivity optimized by dropping fat will have the biggest impact overall. Basically, it’s harder to lose fat and gain muscle if you’re already carrying a fair amount of fat. If you’re a bit leaner, then the body can respond better.

Regardless, yeah it definitely sounds like you’ve got everything pretty much pointed in the right direction and the supp stack should support your goals.

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