Superstack in the Works!

All tips welcome!
I’m 6’, late 30s, 165lbs, Have (maybe) 10lbs of lingering fat on hips/thighs/lower abs that isn’t awesome, looking to build muscle that doesn’t deflate 3 hours after a workout. Was historically overweight (210+). Trying to level-up everything. At this point, price of supplements isn’t a major consideration, I’m much more interested in efficacy and maximizing efficiency of progress.

Biotest: Plazma, Mag-10, Rez-V, Brain Candy, Z-12, Finibar, Flameout
Offbrand but switching to Biotest soon: Superfood, ZMA
Also have Probiotic/digestive enzyme, beta carotene, MCT Oil, Amino Acids

Considering: Micro-PA, Indigo-3G, Curcumin, Alpha Male, Creatine, (anything else?)

Current Routine:
Wake up: non-caffeine Brain Candy on an empty stomach, NAD+
30 min later: Plazma
15 min later: Weight Lifting for 1 hour 15min
15 min post workout: Mag-10, Superfood, MCT Oil, Rez-V, Probiotic/digestive enzyme, Beta Carotene
Mid-afternoon: Flameout, Amino Acids
Before Bed: Z-12, ZMA

Evenings I might do another activity: Climbing, Fencing, HIIT Running, whatever.

Diet is fairly low-carb except around workout, lots of protein shakes/bars, chicken, eggs, few carbs mixed in but no junk except 2 cheat meals a week.

Sounds like you’ve got a solid base going already. Of what you’re considering, I would split it up into two categories: physique and overall health. Micro-PA and Indigo-3G fulfill the physique category, with Curcumin and Alpha Male falling into the overall health.

(Standard disclaimer: Indigo-3G does have health benefits, and Alpha Male certainly has physique benefits through higher T and Carbolin 19 included in the formula.)

Would you prioritize one of those categories over the other right now? The only reason I ask and would split them up that way is to prevent you from starting too many new supplements at one time. Don’t get me wrong, they all work fantastically well (I’ve used them all), but it’s always best to get acquainted with them first that way you know what works best for you, and in what combinations.

With all of that said, being in your late 30s could also make Alpha Male a priority ensure your T levels keep trucking along.

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Taking Alpha Male 2 pills, Indigo-3G​, Micro-PA and Brain Candy in the morning 6am

Plazma before workout 45 min later
Mag-10 after workout
Alpha Male 2 pills 8 hours after first dose 2pm
Flameout, curcumin, and Rez-V an hour later with food 3 or 3:30pm
Z-12 and ZMA before bed 10pm

This seems like it should all work in terms of timing. Am I missing anything?

Looks solid! :+1:

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