I am half way through the program and my Superfood is all used up. I got one package in my shipment. Isn’t the Superfood supposed to last for the whole program? I have followed the directions about how much to use correctly.

I haven’t received a response from my superfood comment. Isn’t superfood supposed to last through the whole program? My supply went through half of it. Is that the proper amount?

It says two scoops but I found that to vary way to much. Best way to do it is to measure out 5g on a food scale.

Sorry, yeah, at two scoops per day, one bag should be enough. Sometimes I’ve seen Superfood sort of “clump” in the bag instead of staying perfectly powdered, so the servings might not work out exact.

You can shoot an email to so Biotest Customer Service can see if they can sort out the issue or have some better insight.

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