Superfood Timing


I’ve read several articles on both T Nation and MD about the negative affects of antioxidants and protein synthesis when taken around training. Does the same apply to Superfood? If so how many hours pre/post workout should I take it? Thanks!


Yep, Superfood is packed with antioxidants (that’s what it’s meant to be). To maximize insulin sensitivity, I’d give at least a good two-hour buffer before/after training before having a serving.


Not sure where to post this:
Have been taking Collagen Peptides, they come in a nice little package (10g) for $1.75.

  1. Are these peptides a waste of money? If they are a good idea, then maybe a reasonable new product
    for the Biotest Line-Up? Being 50, always looking to keep an edge on joints, tendons and ligaments.
    400 lbs is a little rough on the wrists these days.
  2. RE The packaging itself - this would be great to have these little tear-open sleeves to take to work etc.
    for Mag-10 and Protein or Super Food. etc.

Have a great day. Thank You for the best website on the internet.



Depends on how you’re using them. I believe collagen isn’t a complete protein so if you’re using it as a different protein source, then yes not worth it. However if you’re using it solely for the joint/ligament benefits, then yes they are a good product to add to your regiment. I’ve had the most success with biotest Curcumin, their flameout, and then taking type 2 collagen only. I haven’t tried the peptides but I believe I know what you’re talking about because I work at vitamin shoppe.