Superfood: Sourced from Organic?

It’s well known that conventionally grown fruits and vegetables have lower levels of vitamins and minerals. Curious if Superfood is sourced from organic fruits and vegetables?

I wouldn’t say it’s well-known. It’s still debated and there are plenty of conflicting reports about if organic produce always means “more healthy” or just “less unhealthy”. Organic foods generally have less pesticides, but the actual nutrients can vary, based on soil and other factors, whether organic or conventional.

It’s not, but it is GMO-free. Anyhow, Superfood already has a standardized ORAC rating (which measures antioxidant potency) that’s already well-beyond what people could reasonably get through whole foods in a regular day. Even if organics absolutely delivered more nutrients, I doubt Superfood could be made significantly more healthful.

It’s like benching 315 for reps with a standard bar, but wanting to train with an Olympic bar because it’s “better.” Everything’s already in place and working very, very well.

That makes sense. My thinking was that due to the fact that round-up is used on conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, and has been linked to cancer and a whole slew of other health related issues, it could potentially be superconcentrafed in Superfood.

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