Superfood Question


Is it ok to take all 2 servings (10 g) of superfood at bedtime by itself? I was thinking of having one serving of Mag-10 and 2 servings of Superfood prior to bedtime along with a serving of Elitepro minerals.


I guess it’d technically be “okay”, as in it wouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t think of a real reason to take two servings (meaning 4 scoops) of Superfood at once. One serving (2 scoops) at a time is plenty and gives you all the good stuff.

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Thank you Chris!

Is it optimal to mix a serving with Mag-10 post workout in the am and another serving at bedtime with Mag-10 also? Or should Superfood be taken by itself?

Thanks for your time!

I actually wouldn’t have Superfood post-workout. There’s some indications that antioxidants taken immediately around training may negatively impact insulin sensitivity (which is the opposite of what we want). This article discusses it more in-depth.

I’d have it any other time during the day, just not right after training. Should also be fine with Mag-10 at night, I just don’t actually know how the Superfood’s natural flavor will mesh with the liquid flavoring. Maybe berry or lemon would work? That part might take some trial and error, but no other big issues there.

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Thank you Chris! I will take it by itself then as I am not a big fan of mixing flavors lol

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