Superfood: How Much Can You Take?

I’m on a Superfood binge these days. This product is wonderful…I feel so energized on it, and it actually really helps with recuperation from training.

Question: how many servings a day is overkill? I’m currently take 2 servings a day and want to go to 3 or even 4. I know of the potential issue it might have with Indigo-3G, but I’ve been doing both for awhile now and I really haven’t noticed a negative issue with taking both. This very well could be an individual thing.

Biotest has never recommended more than 2 servings of Superfood per day. While it may not hurt to have more, I doubt “more is better” is this case.

On the one hand, Superfood is safe for a 100 lb woman to take at 2 servings per day. It’s certainly not that 3 servings a day is dangerous for a male lifter of good size.

However, on the other hand dosings aren’t centered around 100 lb women: we choose dosings that are safe and reasonable for all adults but targeted to male lifters.

I wouldn’t have a concern at all about trying 3 or 4 if you feel that it could help you, but if it provides benefit beyond 2, it would be a surprise to me (which does happen of course.) As a general recommendation, I wouldn’t. But as personal trial especially for someone as experienced as yourself, sure. I would be interested to learn what you find.

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You know, having Bill Roberts back writing articles is outstanding enough.
But when he answers your own thread…well, can’t say anything other than I am thrilled. Your advice in the past and present are very much appreciated sir.

I will up it to 3 servings a day to see if it makes any difference. I always liked Superfood, but somehow in my advancing age it seems like it is helping me alot more than before.

And Chris, didn’t mean to exclude you from the thanks. Appreciate your input always.
And don’t take it wrong…you’re still a star. But Bill is royalty to me, lol!