Superfood - Experiences and Opinions?


After a layoff for more than four months, I’m trying to get back into again (for the 100th time). Given that I’m 52, four months layoff pretty much takes you back to ground zero. This time “making a comeback”, I’m going to focus a little more on trying to get healthy while looking good nekid. Ha! So, I’m going to add Superfood to my morning Metabolic Drive shake. I’m shelving my stock of MAG 10 and Plazma until I reach a good fitness level again. At my age and effort, it takes at least a good month of consistent lifting to get back in enough shape where I feel like I’m actually working out again. Until that stage, it is about not injuring myself, creeping more weights back onto the bar and trading some fat for muscle. I searched threads and haven’t seen anything recent about Superfood. So, if anyone else is using the supplement, please chime in. I’m curious to see if anything noticeable happens, although I understand it is not that kind of supp generally. In terms of other things I regularly take:
Alpha Male - greatest supplement ever (have been taking for years)
Rev-V - on weekends when not taking Alpha Male
Flameout - daily after dinner
Curcumin - when I remember
Rhodiola - during the week only
Mineral Support/Z12 - most nights
Brain Candy - daily (I’m not a coffee person)
only non-Biotest is Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.
Before you mention it, I’ve been a Biotest homer for years and my total dollar spend shocks me. Ha!


Yeah, it’s not really a “I can feel it working” kind of thing. Like Rez-V, you know it’s doing good stuff when you take it because the research behind it is solid, but you can’t so much tell that it’s working.

A few people in this thread listed Superfood among their favorite supps and some talked about feeling more energy or noticing they don’t get sick as often. Both of those effects make sense, given what’s in it.

With Superfood, I do the same as you and usually have it with Metabolic Drive, either in a shake or in a “pancake” batter - 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, 2 scoops Superfood, 2 eggs, 2-3 Tbsp Bisquick, 1-2 Tbsp ground flax, couple dashes of cinnamon, and a little milk.

Side note about you getting back into the swing of training. You might want to consider at least using the Mag-10 while you find your footing, to help with recovery overall. Definitely couldn’t hurt.