Superfood During V-Diet Transition

Hi Chris, I am in the last week of the V-Diet before I start my transition with a HSM each day. My question is this: when I am eating one HSM do I only take the Superfood with one shake? Do I take the Superfood at all when I go to 2 HSM a day?


Well, Superfood is almost like a super potent multi-vitamin in that some people just make it a lifelong staple, especially if they don’t eat tons of healthy green veggies and exotic berries on a daily basis. For V-Dieters, once you add in an HSM or two, it becomes less necessary to have Superfood if your HSM is packed with veggies and other goodies. So, it’s up to you. Superfood is a good, life-long health supplement to use, but if budget is an issue, it’s not mandatory for the V-Diet transition phase.

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