Superfood and Indigo

Hi,I’m on double dose of Indigo. My first dose it’s at 6:30 AM and the second is at 21:30 pm. It’s safe to use Superfood with this protocol? Thanks

Sure, just keep the Superfood between the two doses of Indigo-3G.

I read in older posts that you didn’t recommend to take Superfood while use full dose of Indigo. Why did you change your opinion?

[quote]Maria22 wrote:
I read in older posts that you didn’t recommend to take Superfood while use full dose of Indigo. Why did you change your opinion?[/quote]

Indigo-3G is very new. There’s never been anything like it in the supplement world. Out of an abundance of caution, we originally recommended that people avoid Superfood (and any “greens” type product) when using Indigo. Now that we’ve had a couple of years of feedback and further study, we can say it’s okay to keep Superfood, just separate it from your Indigo doses by a couple of hours, just to be safe.

2 more questions: It’s ok to take Superfood at 16:00 pm? And can I mix it with Mag-10?

If that’s a couple of hours away from each dose, then that’s fine. Sorry, our times don’t go over 12 here. Don’t make this American civilian do clock math! :slight_smile:

I don’t think Superfood in Mag-10 would hurt. Generally, it’s better to keep everything out of Mag-10 aside from creatine, that’s fine, but Superfood should be fine too since it’s doesn’t add significant fiber, macros etc.

Superfood too close to 3G dose can really upset my stomach so I try to keep my two doses of Superfood spread pretty far out from my 3g dose. I have dropped Superfood in my MAG-10 when short on time or away from home for a little bit, I think lemon flavor goes best with it

Superfood in MAG-10 is awesome. Use either the grape or berry flavoring with the Superfood + MAG-10, eat some almonds on the side, swallow down some dessicated liver pills, and it makes for an excellent thorough and complete “meal”. MAG-10 is extremely versatile and has become my go to “main” protein source outside the peri-workout window (Plazma reigns king during). I know it has been written that one should not take any other protein source with MAG-10, but I have found out that it really doesn’t matter at all. As a matter of fact, in my experience, it ENHANCES any meal you take it with.

I have taken Indigo-3G with Superfood (half dose) with NO loss of efficacy and no stomach issues. My experience might be different than others though…YMMV.

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