Superfood and Gas?

So here’s the short and quick… I’ve been getting a LOT of gas while on the V-Diet, entirely coming out as burps. This isn’t bad in and of itself. The problem is that I literally have to let the gas out every 15-30 seconds… If I don’t, I get a decent amount of discomfort and sometimes very serious nausea. Here’s how I went about diagnosing the problem:

Stopped TRIBEX, no change
Resumed TRIBEX, stopped HOT-ROX, less gas
Been off HOT-ROX, haven’t had gas for 3-4 days
Still off HOT-ROX, gas/nausea returns today

Searching for what was going on, and why I suddenly had gas, I looked at my shake and I noticed something: I had added Superfood today. I know that I’m supposed to have Superfood twice a day, but coming back home on friday I lost my Superfood somewhere in my trunk and I found it again last night. I had no gas while I was off the Superfood, and the very morning that I get back on superfood, gas comes back…

Thinking back on it, the gas was usually most intense in the morning and later in the afternoon, the same times I had the Superfood.

Does this finding make sense to ANYONE? I mean I don’t mind a little extra gas, but doing an impression of a threatened lion every couple of minutes isn’t exactly attractive…

Sorry…but I’m laughing and sympathizing all at the same time. At least it’s gas coming out of the mouth and not the bum…as it was in my case…obscene…for the first two weeks. I know a lot of people who burp from fish oil pills…but have never heard anyone speak of your exact predicament. Wish I had more insight to give.

Are you taking large doses of fiber? A few days ago, I thought it’d be a good idea to double my Fiber Choice intake. Bad idea. It left me bloated for about 24 hours.

For the record, I’ve never heard of a single person experience burps (or any type of gas) from Superfood. And to my knowledge, there’s nothing in there that would cause it.

I am also experiencing a large amount of Gas and nausea and I have not been able to figure out why. I followed Chris advice this morning of taking my HOT-ROX with a shake instead of on an empty Stomach but it really hasn’t helped.

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