Super Slushie!

I’m in the Deep South, and I recently bought one of what is probably among the season’s last watermelons. I cut the entire thing into chunks and froze about half of it.

Today, I wanted frozen lemonade. I threw a 50/50 combo of fresh and frozen watermelon chunks into the blender, added some fresh lemon juice and a squeeze of honey (although I’m sure Splenda would work well, too) and blended it until it was the same consistency as a (physique wrecking) 7/11 Slurpee. It was AMAZING! I really wish I found this concoction in the heat of the summer. It’s definitely a keeper.

I live in Egypt and Juice shops are as common as Mcdonalds are in New york. Watermelon juice is staple at these places, I recommend pomegranate as well.

The way they make lemonade is cool as well, instead of just using the juice they take the pips out and just blend the whole thing with the skin. Defo worth a shot!

I love pomegranate juice. I will try blending it with the whole lemon. I bet that’s really good. Thanks!

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