Sun Exposure

Hey Chris,

Since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable on the subject of Vit. D and the likes, I had another question!

I can usually stay out in the sun for about 10 minutes or so before I get a pretty bad sun burn where I live without sunblock. I could never find anything about how long you should stay out of the sun after your initial exposure before going back out though?

Was kind of curious about this, gonna try and get as much sun this time around for once though. Hope this isn’t too odd a question haha

I’m not sure exactly. Getting your Vit. D through sun exposure is tricky. Your skin’s natural pigmentation, the time of day, and even if you take a shower or dip in the pool afterward (it’s better to wait a while before showering) all come into play.

From my article on D:

“The basic intake guidelines are: 5-30 minutes of sun exposure between 10 AM and 3 PM at least twice a week without sunscreen. But much depends on where you live, the pollution levels, cloud cover, age, the season of the year, your natural cutaneous melanin content, etc.”

So if you’re light skinned, the good news is that you get plenty of D very quickly, but you risk burning easily. But I suppose you could do 5 minutes, see how you react, then do 5 more minutes a few hours later, aiming for that sweet spot between 10 and 3. Doesn’t take much.

But in the end, Vitamin D supplements are cheap. I take them in the summer too, just a little less.

I’m in the exact same boat as you man. I am pale and go straight to burn when in the sun for long at all. I just got some bloodwork done and found out I am very vitamin D deficient. I was put on prescription strength stuff (25,000iu) for 2 weeks and then told to supplement 2000iu a day over the counter after that.

Yeah, even for several months worth of 5000IU a day I was on the very low average myself. I decided to double it and see if I fall in the optimal range next visit.

Your doc may place you on a short-term mega-dose. I recently saw 50,000IU D3 being sold over the counter at a pharmacy. About a buck a capsule.

At 5000IU per day, I only had average levels of D, not quite as high as some experts recommend, but not low. Mega-dosing is often required if you’re medically low on a doc’s test.

Interesting discussion, I recently read that our eyes are a major location for absorption, which is why the “mood or SAD” lighting work through looking at the light. I take mine in vitamin form.

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