Summer Log - This better Help My Shit Out


I’ve been going to the gym for like 6 months now, I was, and still am, a skinny shit, but I don’t work out like a bitch… and I was wondering why my gains aren’t as great as I want them to be, I get enough sleep and I honestly like to think I eat like a pig but all suggestions are going to be taken except if your balls are still shrinking and you need to get some of that extra test out on this forum.
Here are my current stats, I dont have any previous stats.

D.O.B. : Aug 28 1991 (19 yr).
JAN 2011 JUL 20
Height : <-------6’2"------->
Weight : 160 lb 173 lb
Body fat % : NA NA
Calves : NA 14 "
Chest : NA 38 "
Forearms : NA 11 "
Hips : NA 35 "
Neck : NA 14.5 "
Shoulders : NA 45 "
Thighs : NA 22 "
Upper Arms : NA 12.5 "
Waist : 32 " 33 "

Supplements in use :
Shake : Cyto-Gainer
Pre-workout : 1MR
Other : Fish oil(3 and 9)
About : I have no intentions of taking roids, HGH, or any test at this point in my life, maybe in the future when I get older and I actually start needing to take test or HGH due to some reason that I cannot think of now, but the majority of older people I know say they need to take it because there body doesn’t produce as much anymore or something of that sort (I will look into that at some point in the distant future) any they all had one thing in common and they told me not to take it yet as a 19 year old. I don’t ever think I will take roids at any point in my life. I tried creatine (creatine freak) before and I was disappointed at the effect after I stopped, I may have messed up my diet at one point in university and thats why my creatine experience ad gains was not as great as I liked it to be, but I personally do not like the idea of water weight or anything that has a chance of actually being lost when that supplement is stopped.

I don’t have a solid workout routine that I follow, I usually do one body part a day, mainly due to my apparently (I think its bull but some internet tests say so) high metabolism. So far I noticed almost NO change in my weight, like very very slight changes, if anything I am just able to do more reps or increase it by a bit and even that takes time to get adjusted to my normal rep ranges(8-15). Sometimes when I need to kickstart my ego again I spend a week doing the heaviest I can without sacrificing my form (sometimes even like 2 reps), and im not sure if that stops my progress and I think it does but sometimes me having balls just gets the better of me and I have to deviate from my norms.

I started this log to see where im going wrong and to hopefully get feedback from more experienced bodybuilders, again I will start posting my exercises, reps, weight used, rest times starting by tomorrows workout and hopefully Ill get to 180 - 190 lb (yeah bitch) of lean ass muscle sometime in the next couple of months.


Back 1


Back Bicep


Back Relaxed


Front Lat spread


Front relaxed


Left Calf


Right Calf


Im new to posting things and i just kind of got the hang of it, the rest of my pics are on my account, just check it out if you wanna see how everything is proportioned, but i warn that it all needs a shit load of work…