Suggestions on How to Train Around Pain


I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on the best way to work around an injury.

It started out as some very slight pain in my sacroiliac after front squats on the second week, and again on that weeks vburn during squat thrusts. Then, at the end of my fourth set of deadlifts yesterday, there was a twinge followed by intense pain on the left side of my sacroiliac whenever certain movements were performed. I was unable to complete deadlifts, and I had to keep my back against a wall to do barbell curls. I also could not do my hanging leg raises. I did knee raises instead, but it was too easy to consider exercise.

I iced it for a couple of hours, and took a couple of anti inflammatories, and there is a slight amount of improvement. I am not confident that I will be able to handle front squats or push presses on tomorrows workout. The pain seems worst going from standing straight to bending forward 1/3 of the way, but I can’t really nail it down any more than that. If I do it very slowly and focus on keeping my abs really tight, it doesn’t hurt badly, but that is without resistance. Morning NEPA was cut short, as any time my dog or I pulled on the leash I would get a good jolt.

Would it be best to just try lighter weight for the same exercises with shorter rest periods, or look to substitute different exercises until it heals? From what I can tell right now, I will have to cut the weight in half at least.


hey man. Where in Alberta are you? I’m in Calgary. I have had a couple injuries (my fault, rushing to get back to work and didn’t warm up enough). If you can, schedule a treatement with a good chiro and a massage therapist. Hopefully they will be able to get you through the workouts. If not you might have to adjust the training workout


As a general rule, it’s always better to fix the problem instead of just training around it. Look into Active Release Techniques.


Ken, I’m up in North Western Alberta.

Part of the problem is my location. From people I’ve talked to, a good chiro or sports physio can’t be found closer than Edmonton, which is over 5 hours away. Due to my workload at this point, I can’t get a full day off from work to head down there within the next week. My dad is a chiro, but lives over a thousand kilometers away, so all I was able to get was a telephone diagnosis. He couldn’t give me more than a few possible reasons, and all of them are basically a different type of sprain. Ice, anti-inflammatories, and don’t do anything that causes it to hurt.

If my previous experience is any indication, it will take two to three weeks before it is at a point to begin working out like before. I realize this is premature, as it has only been one day, but my experience has been pretty consistent.

I just don’t want to half ass it in the short term, as I am at the halfway point and would feel like I am not really getting the most out of it.

I guess the only option is to just be consistent with the diet, and follow the rest of the program as best as I can, with more NEPA.


Chris, I did ask my dad about active release, as he has been trained in it.

Based on what I described to him, he felt it wouldn’t really be an option for this particular injury.


Ah, sorry to hear about that.

Okay, the V-Diet is itself powerful enough to elicit fat gain, but of course training makes it faster and safer in terms of keeping your muscle, building more, and keeping the metabolism firing hot. So the best option is to do what you can, the best you can. And if you feel your lifting workouts are sub-par (out of necessity) then cut the Surge down to one scoop post-training.


Thanks Chris, I didn’t even think about the Surge aspect.


I’m training around something similar (with my shoulder). I’m on day 15, and I have never cheated on the VDiet or exercises in the past. I see our reluctance to give up to an injury at this point, which is why I’m pushing through. I agree that it’s better to fix the problem, but when you’ve invested time, money and effort, you don’t want something out of your control to force you to stop.
Consider some uni limb exercises to replace the ones that are causing you difficulty for a week. I’m in Calgary. If I can help you please let me know by posting or sending a PM.


I went ahead and worked out on Monday, as it felt a lot better. Front squats at 135lbs didn’t feel bad on the first set, but on the 2nd and 3rd it became unbearable. It actually hurt for the close grip benches and the push presses as well, even with reduced weight. The V burn was a writeoff, as any exercise variations I tried had at least a moderate stab of pain occur.

I got in to see my GP yesterday, and he suspects it might be the start of a herniated disc, though he wasn’t positive. I didn’t have time to go off and get an XRay to confirm it, so it is up in the air a bit. Both my doctor and dad said I should stop lifting until I’m pain free, or I could be causing it to rupture fully. From what I know about that, I won’t be taking the chance. The worst part of it is that it only occasionally causes more than minor pain, so I am tempted to push the boundaries a bit

As I head into the Easter long weekend, I will just try to do more walking, along with some isometric holds as a substitute.

Thanks for the suggestions Ken.